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About us

Welcome to Après Sunday, a sustainable fashion brand, made in the UK by Eloise Hall (you may know me better as @eloiserita_ on Instagram). 

I (Eloise) started creating Après Sunday in 2020 during lockdown. I realised there was a huge gap in the market for sustainable loungewear, made in the UK, and this being the only outfit I was reaching for in my wardrobe, I decided to do something about that.

Welcome the birth of Après Sunday! 

I chose the name Après Sunday because Sundays signify chilled, comfy vibes and this is the day you most likely wear loungewear. Then I chose 'Après' to symbolise how you can wear loungewear even 'After Sunday' all week long! I also wanted a relaxed European vibe, with a vintage feel (think your favourite 90's style icon, Princess Diana). 

Sustainability is also extremely important to me, as we all know we are currently killing the one planet we have, so if you're going to buy, why not buy sustainably. Plus, as I mentioned, I felt there was a lack of sustainable loungewear brands made in the UK so I didn't feel we had much to choose from when purchasing. (To read more please visit our sustainability section).

I really hope you love Après Sunday, and thank you so much for supporting my small and sustainable business.