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About us

Welcome to Après Sunday. We are a sustainable fashion brand, made in the UK by Eloise Hall (you may know me better as @eloiserita_ on Instagram). 

Après Sunday was created in 2020 during a difficult time in all of our lives, that being lockdown. When I (Eloise) first had the idea of bringing out my own brand, it always seemed a distant reality, and something I always said "I will do that when I'm older." Well, during lockdown I realised being a post-grad amongst millions made unemployed, it was probably going to be even harder to find my dream fashion journalism job. So I decided to take my future into my own hands and finally get to work on making my dream into reality. 

Welcome the birth of Après Sunday! 

I chose the name Après Sunday because I knew my first collections were going to be loungewear, as that's all I was wearing at the start of 2020! I figured that's probably what we were all going to be wearing for a while until we can resume our normal lives. Normally you tend to wear loungewear on Sunday's, which is why I chose Sunday, and for longevity, bringing out clothes you also wear After Sunday, hence "Après". I also wanted a relaxed European vibe, with a vintage feel (think your favourite 90's style icon, Princess Diana) which is why I chose 'Après'. 

Sustainability was also extremely important to me, as we all know we are currently killing the one planet we have so if you're going to buy, why not buy sustainably. Our garments are made from either 100% organic cotton, or recycled materials. Our packaging is also recyclable and mailing bags are carbon neutral. 

We hope you love Après Sunday, and thank you so much for supporting a small and sustainable business.