Our Sustainability Promise

Sustainability is extremely important to us at Après Sunday. We know the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters which is why it was important to us to provide a sustainable option for loungewear, and other clothing items.

What does the word sustainability include to us? 

This term means the environment, people and animals are protected in the making of our clothing. This means using environmentally friendly materials, workers are paid a living wage, and we don't use animal products. 

We also ship your items second class in order to not cause as much harm to the planet in carbon emissions as next day delivery etc, causes. When companies ship next day delivery, the shorter time frame does not allow vendors to accumulate enough orders and often delivery trucks are sent out at less than full capacity, which in turn uses more journeys and increases the overall emissions from deliveries.

We hope in the future we can afford to change our courier from Royal Mail to DHL Go Green in order to further reduce our carbon footprint. 

Materials: UPDATED JAN 2022-

All our products are sustainably made from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified materials.

Our tote bags are also PETA approved Vegan, and you can read all about our supplier HERE. 

Factory and Dyeing: The factory, dye house and printing place that construct our garments are in the UK. We have a close relationship with our manufacturer and you can see lots of behind the scenes by checking out our Instagram highlight BTS. 

All workers are paid UK minimum wage or more by the company that hires them. We are now also using a SEDEX approved factory to make our garments.

Our dye house meets all independent compliance audits with UK regulations and for our clothing we use non-toxic pigment dyes.

As our clothing is made from 100% organic cotton and dyed with non-toxic inks and dyes, when you wear and wash our items they also don't release any harmful chemicals or tiny fibres of plastic into the environment. When we wear and wash clothing, no matter what it is made of, tiny fibres called microfibres are released from the surface of the fabric.

Each 6kg washing load can release between 0.1 million and 18 million of these tiny fibres, and even 20 minutes of walking can produce 400 fibres per gram of clothing.This is an inevitable part of the fashion industry.

Clothing made of synthetics fibres such as polyester, nylon and acrylic are plastic fabrics made from fossil fuels, so these tiny fibres are in fact micro-plastics which build up in our environment. These micro-plastic fibres have been in every single environment including in the air we breathe and even in our cells. It is such a big problem, that synthetic clothing has been named as the largest contributor of micro-plastics to the ocean.

By using 100% organic cotton within our clothing, we ensure that the microfibres produced are 100% natural. This means the microfibres released off our clothing biodegrades once released into our environment and does not build up in our oceans.

To prolong the life of your clothing and reduce the microfibre released, wash your clothes at a cooler temperature, reduce the spin speed of your wash and hang your clothes to dry instead of putting them in a tumble drier. This not only conserves energy used, but reduces the friction and stress put on the clothing meaning they will last longer and not release as many fibres into the environment.


All of our packaging is eco-friendly. Our swing tags, stickers and thank you cards are also all recyclable and/or made from recycled paper. 


We now have a reliable and sustainable label supplier for our brand, care and size labels. These are made from 100% recycled post-consumer polyester. These are also certified by the Global Recycled Standard and the Control Union. 

Carbon Offset your purchase with us:

We are very excited to have teamed up with Greenr to give you the option to offset the carbon footprint of your purchase. When you add products to your basket, simply tick the option to add £1,00 to your order, and Greenr will do the rest. 

Greenr is a social enterprise that uses technology to connect you, the consumer, to carbon offsetting programmes in a transparent way.

Their carbon experts have sourced some of the leading carbon removal projects in the world, all of which are of the highest carbon standard with certifications under the Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, the Woodland Carbon Code and CCB Standard. 

By offsetting the emissions of your purchase, you are ensuring that your carbon footprint is offset via one of their reforestation, bore hole or fuel efficient stove projects. Greenr's portfolio of projects specialise in having strong social and environmental benefits, having positive impacts on local employment, poverty rates and wildlife conservation. For more info visit

Our discounted section

We also promise that our garments do not end up in landfill. Damages from production happen, and usually these are discarded by large companies. Instead, we sell these at a discounted price on our website!

We also up-cycle products from previous collections and fabric off-cuts, which can be found here

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via our email, or through Instagram.

If you also have any advice for what further information we can add please let us know, we are a small brand learning as we go, so love any feedback from our customers.